• Book a BAREFOOT MASSAGE "Back-Walking"

    What is Barefoot Sports Massage?
    Walking on the back massage, also called Barefoot Sports massage, is form of Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy originally performed by monks; today, these techniques are becoming increasingly popular in America.  Simply put, it is bodywork applied with the feet.  Although medium pressure can be used it can offer a depth of pressure unmatched by an other massage.

    How does it work?
    Barefoot Sports Massage is done on a massage table while Julie, your therapist, holds on to sturdy overhead bars for balance.  Julies uses her feet and allows gravity to do the work, leveraging her body weight to deliver the deepest massage available today.  Your treatment will be a blend of footwork and hands on techniques.  Barefoot massage doesn't hurt like regular deep tissue massage sometimes can.  Gliding compression feels soothing and relaxing as it works deeply into problem areas and increases blood and lymph circulation.

    What to Wear
    You may wear comfortable workout clothes or a bathing suit.  We recommend cotton shorts for men.  For women, we suggest a spaghetti strapped shirt and cotton shorts.  If you prefer to wear nothing we will cover and drape you with a sheet.

    Get a CDM STUDIO treatment by texting Julie Baxley
    on her cell phone at (714) 726-2698


    60 minutes $100

    90 minutes $150

    120 minutes $200


    CDM STUDIO treatment appointments available on Saturday & Sunday