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    Try Lymphatic Drainage Massage to improve your immune system, boost your energy levels, and reduce inflammation.  This therapy utilizes a vacuum therapy machine with glass cups to apply suction and release techniques on the body's surface.  Treatments improve the movement of lymph fluid through your lymphatic system.  This, in turn, filters wastes, toxins, and cellular debris from your body.  In addition, light and medium pressure lifting of the connective tissue encourages a separation of fused tissues which helps improve the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

    Full body drainage requires four (weekly) sessions.  This is a cleansing and detoxification treatment.  Healthy diet preparation is highly suggested to avoid getting a post treatment headache or nausea.  We suggest that four to five days before your session that you avoid eating red meat, sugar, white flour products, fried food, caffeine, and alcohol.  Drink 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day of your treatment.

    What do you feel after the lymphatic drainage?  Generally, your limbs feel tighter, skin feels tingly, and you are more energized.  How often should you get lymphatic drainage therapy?  Health and Wellness professionals recommend that you get a Full body drainage series around 3 times a year.

    Vacuum Therapy Lymph Drainage is recommended for:

    • Post-mastectomy edema
    • Post-breast reduction surgery edema
    • All post-surgical swelling
    • Pre and post cosmetic surgery
    • General detoxification for Wellness
    • Post cancer treatments (only if patient is in remission)

    Number of visits each week:

    First week: (1½ hrs. Session) for Terminus, Neck, Face, Abdonimal

    Second week: (1 hr. Session) for Terminus, Chest, Arms, & Front of Legs

    Third week: (1½ hrs. Session) for Terminus, the Back, & Back of Legs

    Fourth week: (1 to 2 hrs. Session) for Entire Body with focus on problem sites

    Additional Sessions (As needed)


    60 minutes $100

    90 minutes $150

    120 minutes $200

    Make an appointment by texting Julie Baxley
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