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    If your week is getting the best of you, come to Julie's CDM STUDIO; it's the perfect place to decompress.  Get the finest Massage and Cupping Therapy treatments in Corona Del Mar, CA.  This is a studio you can't wait to go to because you know you'll feel amazing every time you come!  We are located on the corner of PCH and Fern Leaf Ave, near Sherman Gardens.  Street parking is available in the immediate proximity.

    All of the treatments are highly specialized massage and/or cupping services to release deeply rooted tension and stress.  With an intuitive touch, Julie moves progressively deeper into layers of muscle and tissue to work away tension and sports related pain, improve circulation and posture, and restore vitality for your body and mind.

    Athletic Rehabilitation Message
    This treatment will release spasm, muscle pain, and break up scar tissue from athletic work-outs or repetitive motion.  Massage techniques used will go deep into problem areas for effective pain and stress relief.  We recommend the addition of Cupping Therapy (see below) to really address long standing conditions.

    Cupping Therapy
    Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps swears by Myofascial Cupping Therapy putting him in the company of alternative health-loving celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lena Dunham.

    Get a CDM STUDIO treatment by texting Julie Baxley
    on her cell phone at (714) 726-2698


    60 minutes $100

    90 minutes $150

    120 minutes $200


    CDM STUDIO treatment appointments available on Saturday & Sunday